Designing Optin Forms That Get High Conversion Rates

If you have engaged in some form of Internet marketing, you probably have heard about the new Social Spy Agent software and knowing the importance of having an optin form to capture leads and build a list. What you probably do not know is just how to ensure that your optin form maximizes your chances of actually getting the optin.

Prior to discussing what you should do to maximize optins, it is good to be first acquainted with the typical conversion rates so that you know exactly what to aim for.
The conversion rate is simply the percentage of people that decide to sign up for whatever you are offering once they visit your optin page.

A 5% conversion rate is quite decent. This means that for every 100 visitors to your optin page, 5 sign up.

A 10% conversion rate is above average.

A 20% + conversion rate is excellent
In case you are doing anything below 20% then you still have room for improvement.
The following are the top seven elements to include in your optin form to maximize conversions.
1. Having a great headline for your offer
2. Having a quality color picture of whatever you are offering
3. Including a brief copy of what the offer entails. Include a list of bulleted points
4. Including the word “FREE” in big, bold letters. You may also include “No credit card needed” somewhere on the optin form.


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