Google Adwords Releases New ‘Call Only’ To Cellular Devices

Website owners advertising through Google AdWords who are expecting to receive calls now have the ability to setup a call only effort. This means that even marketers that use the new Easy Automated Profits system ( can also benefit as well.

In addition, they are able to edit their existing efforts and give advertisers an choice to put in a call only option to drive customer queries through calls.

As the name clearly implies, whenever prospective customers click on the advertisements or click the call button on their cellular device, the amount will seem, which in turn prompts them when they wish to carry on together with the call. This kind of effort, nevertheless, does not bring the user to the advertiser’s site, but supports the user to give the company a call instead.

The ad’s headline will reveal the business phone number, and also the URL is an easy way of branding the firm, and advises the user which business they’re going to telephone.

While some advertisers use extensions to enable users to call the number whenever the telephone button is clicked, this new effort was made more seamless for telephoning. This benefits both the advertiser and also the user. Users no longer need to duplicate the number and paste it in their dial pad, and advertisers can simply set this up, which they’re also able to monitor from their Google AdWords dash.


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