Why Webinars Convert Better Than Sales Videos

So when faced with internet sales videos there’s a click-inhibition in audience which can reduce conversion rates (look at my WarriorForum Review of Webinar Fusion Pro) — and in the event you can not turn traffic into buyers, what’s the purpose? To counter this, advertisers have focused on more wit and storytelling in advertisements, but this does not change the fact that they’re still sales videos: they’re still attempting forcibly to educate us something.

Everyone Need To Learn

This really is where the initial element of the axim comes back in. While we do not enjoy to be educated, we do enjoy to learn. Webinars are the middle ground between sales videos and documentaries or educational videos. They’re presentations or workshops, essentially setting the ‘inar’ from seminar in webinar.

Distinct than webcasts (one way transmissions) webinars are interactive, offering customers an opportunity to learn about a good or service without feeling bombarded by advertisements. If handled right the webinar does not even have to feel like a sales pitch, although it may be one.

Better Conversion

A webinar provides an opportunity to instruct and educate without overwhelming your audience by showing them why they are able to buy a particular product as opposed to telling them that they have to. So its conversion rate becomes a lot higher than a typical sales pitch video, as webinars fuel the urge to buy.


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