FULL Buzz Ignition Review & Bonus ‘Fast Traffic’ Tactics

Buzz Ignition is a brand new Self Hosted, Facebook App that allows users to use Retargeting to help increase overall conversions on their campaigns.

But, will this Facebook App really increase your ROI and lower your Ad Spend?

Find out by visiting my Buzz Ignition Review Site below:

==> Read My Full Review on the Buzz Ignition Facebook App


One thing to keep in mind when using the Buzz Ignition, is to optimize for Mobile… Below is an article talking about some of the new trends in Mobile Marketing for 2015:

Five Important Mobile Marketing Trends For You to Capitalize On In 2015

As business owners continue moving forward with various kinds of mobile marketing, they’re realizing very quickly the potential for how profitable this form of advertising can be. With millions of smartphone users ready to be tapped into, and people checking their phones constantly, it’s easy to see how this kind of marketing can deliver definitive and fast results to you. The following are five important marketing trends for you to use in 2015 that can help you and your business generate more income.

One thing that is important for you to understand is mobile security has become a big concern for mobile marketing. With mobile applications and web usage becoming more and more prevalent. Those mini computers that everybody carries around with them, containing all of their personal information, can result in mobile contact information being breached. Given the move from silos into integrated systems, combined with the fact that more individuals have their credit cards stored on personal devices, you need to be aware of the fact that any kind of application you could develop for generating consistent mobile user traffic, needs to provide potential customers with protection no matter what.

Although it may appear to be important moving forward, it can also be effective to get back to the basics. For over a decade, the mobile market has been growing steadily. However lately, the incredible growth has slowed way down. Millions of users own mobile phones, and new phone sales are as good as they’ve ever been. However, there is a limit on how many mobile users can really be accessed due to limits in availability and population. Just remember to keep that in mind before you spend lots of money on mobile applications for driving traffic to your services and businesses.

Eight Things Your Home Page Has In Common With A Multiple Choice Test

If you’ve ever taken a multiple choice test, either in college or maybe as part of applying for a job, then you already are aware that there are just a limited number of choices that are available. Having all of your information in order is necessary and important. It’s important to make make the right choices, which is definitely possible to do as long as you properly prepare before taking the test. Your website’s home page, in a very similar was designed and made for this same kind of interaction in the eight ways below.

Your homepage can be used in several different ways to test and then evaluate precisely why a user has visited your website. You will also present facts, figures and information to them so that they are motivated to make their choice. It’s similar to a test that someone takes. Multiple options are always available, like products to buy, or various articles to choose from for reading. Being able to make a choice, and getting exactly what you wanted from a website, this all relates to taking a multiple choice test. Everything you present to users should be believable in order to build trust with them. The answers given to you should help educate visitors to your website so they are able to better understand why they’re there in the first place, what actions need to be taken. Calls to action, in fact, are a critical component to making money online, either for making a purchase or obtaining more information via a squeeze page.

The last thing you need to think about is your reasons for putting your website up in the first place, and what you want people to do when they are on your site. The actions your visitors will feel motivated to actually take will depend on what you present to them and how it it presented, along with the amount of skill you have for getting the final result that you want. Ultimately, you need to have the ability to motivate individuals into taking action so that you can make more money. With each site that you set up, particularly if you have your own business, be sure to provide your visitors with quality content if you want to make lots of sales.

Seven Principles That Make Viewable Impressions Really Work

If you’d like to increase your profits online by doing various kinds of marketing, you need to take a good look at the things that are working currently. There have been numerous new studies created over the years, particularly since 2011, that have created digital solutions that provide cross media comparisons. One specific goal has been sought by the Association of National Advertisers, along with many others, which makes measuring served impressions possible, or the viewable impressions more specifically that could be used for understanding what types of marketing are the most profitable. This kind of collaboration of ideas and thoughts have resulted in a transition where buyers and sellers can work together to create profitable and practical plans. Once those are more prominent, spending your advertising dollars so that they are more measurable as well as profitable will be a lot easier when various kinds of media are used.

There are a couple of things that need to happen in order for this specific kind of marketing strategy to really work. When you are using video marketing, you must have the video players sound on while a prospective customer is viewing the video. Before you are charged, half of the video at least must play. Also, the ad players are required to be visible all of the time on each of your websites. The billing needs to be based on non-measured and measured categories as well. This concept is a simple one that appears to work for everybody. If it isn’t viewable, it shouldn’t be counted. This enables advertisers to have a more accurate assessment of how well these videos are really converting.

During the day there are always limitations in terms of what technology is available. There also needs to be a 70% viewability threshold at least. In 2015, it may be unreasonable to expect that each video would be considered as viewable and be charged. A majority of measured impressions resemble the fact that seven of 10 videos at least are viewed, and the percentage of each ad’s pixels are accurately counted towards justifying the amount of money charged and spent.

==> Read My Full Review on the Buzz Ignition Facebook App


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