For all those who haven’t heard about my company, eMarketing Champs, or about me (Hanif Quentino), let me introduce myself:


As you can see, as a full time Internet Marketer for the past 6+ years, I’ve learned a thing or two about Internet Marketing Courses / Training & Software.

I’ve learned that even though some of these programs, may be legit (meaning that they are not scams), but that doesn’t mean that they will be the ‘end-all’ solution for your online business.

That is why all my detailed reviews always cover elements that I don’t like about the software or training system.  The fact is that 99% of the products claim to be a complete ‘business in a box’, but unfortunately fall short.

Through my years of experience, I can spot their shortcomings miles away because I’ve ‘been there and done that’…  Meaning that I have experience in practically all fields of Internet Marketing, so I know exactly what it takes to truly succeed online.

This is exactly why I offer the ‘best Bonus’ online to date.  My bonuses are comprehensive and explosive and NEVER PLR or Re-hashed… They are custom made and based on what is working right now online.

In fact, my ‘Done For You’ Bonus is a specific package that I actually sell to businesses.

The bottom line is that I know that the best way for your online business to succeed is to leverage properties, and stack the results in your favor.

So, what it comes to traffic for example, I don’t focus ALL my efforts on one property, instead, I leverage multiple properties to maximize my traffic to put the odds in my favor.

That is the mind set one needs to have in internet marketing.  You need to find ways to maximize your chances of success and simply ‘crush it’.