Promoted Moments Are Coming To Twitter

Moments is one of the latest features introduced by Twitter. This feature is about delivering curated content on topics of interest to users such as developing news stories, sports games and entertaining content. Twitter is currently looking at offering a feature known as Promoted Moments to advertisers. Testing is rumored to start in a few weeks and Promoted Moments could become available to advertisers very soon.

Moments is a feature designed to help users find content and stories that will interest them. The categories currently include News, Sports Entertainment and Fun. Promoted Moments could allow advertisers to target an audience who is specifically looking for stories. These users might visit the Moments section to read, catch up on current news, find information on a specific topic or consume video content. Users can interact with this content by retweeting it, adding it to their favorite, sharing it outside of Twitter by embedding it or see how a Moment evolves by checking it again at a later time.

This feature would allow brands to integrate stories and content in what a Twitter spokesperson called an “immersive media canvas”. This is an interesting description that evokes the immersive experience mobile users want. Promoted Moments sounds like a great way to get the attention of mobile users and to engage them since it allows brands to create a narrative in a multimedia format.

A Promoted Moment would have a lifetime of 24 hours, just like the Trending Topics that appear on the Twitter homepage. Promoted Moments could be updated throughout these 24 hours, embedded, favorited and retweeted.